2014 Office Remodel

        Office remodel?  What does that exactly mean?  Fancy suction tubes, different paint or better ways to make me uncomfortable at the dental office?  This I’m sure is what many of our patients are probably thinking.

It’s much much more than suction tubes or paint.  It means a new beginning for us!

For many years Dr. Cho has been wanting to match the level of care that he provides to his patients with the surroundings they are sitting in.  Many patients are familiar with Dr. Michael Hart, whom Dr. Cho purchased the practice from over 10 years ago.  This also was his dream and desire to make the inside walls a place of comfort for his patients.  The remodel that will be complete in the Fall of 2014 will encompass that dream. The staff is excited. Dr. Cho is excited. And as the transformation begins, we are looking forward to seeing the excitement of our patients enjoy a more comfortable atmosphere as they receive the best dental care in Broadripple.  The year is almost over but we have so much to look forward to.

 If you are receiving treatment or working in an office, does your surroundings affect you?

According to my staff it does…………………

Things my staff are looking forward to:

  • wallpaper that isn’t older than most of them
  • more walls for patient privacy
  • paint that’s more visually appealing to the eye

So, with that said. Thank you for your patience and following our journey during this remodel.


Best Long-Term Choice You Can Make (From A Patient’s View Point)

So, now I’ve weighed my options and I decided to choose to restore my smile with a dental implant. I made the steps. The dental office phone call. DONE. The dental office visit. DONE. The teeth-pulling conversation about the cost of this dental work. DONE. And I was brave and confident and ready to do what was needed because I am worth it.

But I walked away wondering…..

Was That the Best Long-Term Choice I Could Have Made For Myself?

What were my options and how do they compare I ask myself….

  • A bridge would close the space of my missing tooth but it would damage the surrounding teeth. I don’t want to do that. I could still get food trapped under a bridge. A dental implant replaces a  lost tooth and it looks, feels, and will function like my natural tooth.
  • The dental office tells me a dental implant can last a lifetime unlike a bridge lasting maybe 5 to 7 years or maybe 10 with great dental care.
  • My research tells me that missing teeth can cause your face to sag and appear sunken. Dental implants will allow me to maintain the natural shape of my face and smile. I like this I tell myself.
  • Cavities can’t occur in an implant-restored crown I even concluded logically to myself. Not that I don’t want to take care of my teeth but the occasional sugar rush may occur. I’m human.

My long-term choices may differ from the next patient but I weighed my options and the best long-term choice for me was to choose a dental implant for a missing tooth that’s always bothered me.

At Glendale Dental Associates, Dr. Jin Cho has been placing dental implants for several years now. One of the few general dentist that offer this amenity. A process that was as simple as placing a filling with some wait time to permanently fix the implant crown.

Dental Implants – Restore or Not to Restore?……. That is the Question

So, you find yourself at the dental office with a broken, fractured or totally unrepairable tooth. What’s the first thought? Extract it. Is it cost effective? Fast fix to relieve the pain? Sure…. But what will you do after? You ask, “After?”

There are several options to preserve the area after an extraction but some are better than others. You may be thinking of an option and it will vary based on when you were born.  Partials, bridges, or plainly just leaving the area alone after an extraction may come to thought. But how does the extraction site affect your other teeth.

  • Drifting and shifting of the neighboring teeth causing an unbalanced bite

(You’re thinking why does it matter if my teeth are unbalanced or shift?)


Does it matter if this road shifts when you drive your tires over it? Well, when your teeth shift, it causes the alignment to affect your ability to chew properly…..

  • Increased biting stress on other teeth

Who likes stress? We have enough of that anyway……..

  • Bone recession in the area of the missing tooth
  • The gap between widens, thereby compromising the esthetic effect


  • Losing your natural smile

And we don’t want you to lose your smile!

That’s why at Glendale Dental Associates we offer the BEST option for you!

Dental Implants


You now can have a dental implant placed the same day your tooth is extracted or shortly after.  Many people are concerned about the cost and at Glendale Dental Associates we are aware of that. Dr. Cho has  chosen to become a network provider  with many insurance companies such as  Delta Dental, Met life, and Cigna. Call our office and receive more information regarding dental implant coverage under your insurance plan.  Being a part of these plans assists his patients in benefiting from the covered dental plans they have.  We also offer Care Credit and they provide payment options up to 12 months interest free. Call or request online today an implant consultation!

You may ask:

“Am I candidate for a dental implant?”

  “What are the steps involved?”

“What if I wear a denture or partial?”

“Once the implant is placed, are there other steps involved?”

These questions will be answered in our next blog:

Dental Implants: Best Long Term Choice You Can Make