Best Long-Term Choice You Can Make (From A Patient’s View Point)

So, now I’ve weighed my options and I decided to choose to restore my smile with a dental implant. I made the steps. The dental office phone call. DONE. The dental office visit. DONE. The teeth-pulling conversation about the cost of this dental work. DONE. And I was brave and confident and ready to do what was needed because I am worth it.

But I walked away wondering…..

Was That the Best Long-Term Choice I Could Have Made For Myself?

What were my options and how do they compare I ask myself….

  • A bridge would close the space of my missing tooth but it would damage the surrounding teeth. I don’t want to do that. I could still get food trapped under a bridge. A dental implant replaces a  lost tooth and it looks, feels, and will function like my natural tooth.
  • The dental office tells me a dental implant can last a lifetime unlike a bridge lasting maybe 5 to 7 years or maybe 10 with great dental care.
  • My research tells me that missing teeth can cause your face to sag and appear sunken. Dental implants will allow me to maintain the natural shape of my face and smile. I like this I tell myself.
  • Cavities can’t occur in an implant-restored crown I even concluded logically to myself. Not that I don’t want to take care of my teeth but the occasional sugar rush may occur. I’m human.

My long-term choices may differ from the next patient but I weighed my options and the best long-term choice for me was to choose a dental implant for a missing tooth that’s always bothered me.

At Glendale Dental Associates, Dr. Jin Cho has been placing dental implants for several years now. One of the few general dentist that offer this amenity. A process that was as simple as placing a filling with some wait time to permanently fix the implant crown.

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